Who is Eligible for the TOP Program?

All Applicants must possess:

    1. A Bachelor's degree by June 2006.

    2. A minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

    3. Legal documentation of citizenship of the United States, or documentation that you are a permanent resident and intend to seek United States Citizenship.

    4. Qualifications for successful completion of all New York City Department of Education pedagogical application processing, including pre-employment fingerprint check.

Applicants for the programs in mathematics, science and Spanish must also:

    1. Mathematics applicants need a minimum of Calculus I and II and either Calculus III, Linear Algebra or Matrix Algebra to qualify for a high school (grades 7-12) master's program. To qualify for a middle school (grades 5-9) master's program, mathematics applicants need a minimum of Calculus I and Calculus II.

    Applicants for the program in Spanish must have a minimum of 18 credits in Spanish literature above the intermediate level. It is not sufficient to be a native speaker of Spanish or to have a college degree from a Spanish-speaking country.

    Applicants for the program in science must have a minimum of 18 credits in either chemistry, biology, or physics at the intermediate and advanced levels.

    2. Take and pass the following New York State Teaching Certification Examinations by September 2006: Liberal Arts and Science Test (LAST) and the appropriate Content Specialty Test (CST).

Applicants must take these exams in December 2005 or February or April 2006. Go to http://www.nystce.nesinc.com/ to register. Preference is given to applicants who have passed both exams.

Applicants for the program in literacy must possess:

1. New York State certification as a teacher.

Selection Process

The selection committee will review all applications carefully and invite the most promising candidates to an interview. Applicants granted interviews will participate in a selection process that includes an interview and an on-site writing sample.

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